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Loyd Christopher Award

          Loyd Christopher was a true gentlemen, who had an extraordinary passion for baseball. He was born on December 31st, 1919 in Richmond, California and starred as a first baseman for Richmond High.

          Originally signed by scout, Bill Essicks, for the New York Yankees, he eventually would play for three Major League teams: the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and White Sox.

          Loyd spent many years in the Pacific Coast League with the Oaks, Rainers and Angels. In 1946, he led the Pacific Coast League in home runs with 26, while playing for the Angels.

          In 1957, Loyd entered the Scouting Profession with the Kansas City A's. He established an excellent reputation and was regarded as one of the finest evaluators of professional talent. Among the many major leaguers he signed were: Dick Tidrow, Carney Lansford and Dennis Eckersley. Loyd also scouted for the Indians, Angels and Expos. His niche, however was assisting young scouts and players in their baseball development. Loyd was very accommodating and in many cases, would travel to the scouts and players to share his expertise...asking nothing in return.

          Loyd Christopher died peacefully, surrounded by his family, in his Richmond home on September 5th, 1991. Loyd was simply a Scout's Scout. 

A $500.00 scholarship grant is given to a college player nominated by the coaches at Santa Clara, San Jose State, and Stanford Universities.

For 2018, In Loyd's memory, we are pleased to grant this scholarship to:

Nick Bellafronto, Stanford University

Tony Boetto, Santa Clara University

Johnny Mendoza, San Jose State University

 Ted Barrett Umpire Award

          Ted Barrett is a graduate of Los Altos High School and has 25+ years as a Major League Umpire and current Crew Chief for MLB umpires.

          He attended Foothill Community College and graduated from California State University - East Bay in 1988. He has worked many Division, League Championship, and World Series games, and was behind the plate for the perfect games pitched by David Cone of the NY Yankees and Matt Cain's of the San Francisco Giants.

2019 Winner:

Ron Roberts

Local Little League District 59

Umpired The 2014 L.L. World Series

Kathy Wolff Women in Baseball Award

          Kathy Wolff worked for Stanford University for many years and ultimately found her home in the Athletic Department.

          She began working for Stanford Baseball in 1987 and spent the next 21 years immersed in the operations of the baseball office. She worked closely with Mark Marquess, his coaches and staff, along with players and their families. She was the behind-the-scenes force to the program and a beloved member of the Stanford baseball family. Kathy Wolff passed away on June 11th, 2008.

2019 Winner:

Ann Killion & Susan Slusser

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